Is the Book of Mormon true?







Okay, for those of you who actually follow my blog i just want to say i’m sorry that i haven’t been posting lately. I work all the time and life can be pretty busy. Please, forgive me.

so, currently i am works on finishing up my mission paper, and one of the many thing i have to do is finish the Book of Mormon from cover to cover. (i’m sure having a testimony of it’s truthfulness is in there too) I have been reading it daily and every time before i read it i would pray to God and ask him to help me to know if the Book of Mormon is really true. I would pray constantly, and consistently, but i felt as if i wasn’t getting an answer. As you can imagine i begin to become frustrated and was beginning to wonder why i wasn’t receiving my immediate answer like everyone else. I started asking people why did they believe the Book of Mormon is true and how did they know for sure. I felt as if i was searching everywhere and getting no where.

one evening i was looking at the June, 2014 Ensign and i started to flip through not knowing where to stop. Now, for those who know me, know that i have a firm testimony that every word that comes out of the prophet, and the apostles mouth, is for our CURRENT benefit. Heavenly Father wants all his children to know he knows them personally and he wants us to hear certain things; I just know this for a fact. As those thoughts were going through my head I ran into an article By Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles called Agency and Answers Recognizing Revelation. I was immediately intrigued and i started to read it intensely.

Summary :

Three ways to Find Answers:

1. Look for Evidence that He has already answered you.

2. Pay attention to feelings.

3. Act When He Withholds an Answer.

This really struck me, and it caused me to ponder. I began to look for the evidence and see if he really has answered me. Then i started to realize that he hasn’t given me a clear dramatic answer, so i needed to act on faith; Which i did.

I work with this girl, name being withheld, and she was telling me she isn’t a member of the church and she was telling me a member of the church told her she is lucky that she isn’t. I was clearly shocked that a member would even begin to utter those words to a nonmember, let alone to anyone. I testified to her that she would actually be lucky if she WAS a member of the church, and that the man she is married to now can be her Husband for all time and eternity, and the same goes with her future children. I began to notice how receptive she was to what i was saying and i asked if she had a copy of the Book of Mormon, as i assumed, the answer was “no”.

A few weeks later i realized she hadn’t received the Book of Mormon and i felt as if it was my job to change that. I got a Book and marked my two favorite scriptures in it and i wrote my testimony in the front. After sharing the Book of Mormon, I got my answer and i super strong feeling of happiness. The Book of Mormon the truly another testament of our Lord and Savior. The bible is in deed the word of God, if translated correctly, but so is the Book of Mormon. It supports it and it lets us know that he really did die for our sins and it helps us to completely to understand all what we need to do to come back to him.

I am grateful for the way that our Father answers prays, and his forever eternal perspective. I am so grateful for our current holy prophet and his heavenly apostles. I am so grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I hope that all of you who are reading this have a testimony of the living gospel and partake of the constant blessings being offered to us. I know that my Savior truly lives, and the Book of Mormon is true. Please, ask me questions and i will gladly answer them.





Convert Kenny




Ahhh, yes. The conversion story.

First off, i wasn’t honestly expecting to be writing a post this soon, but with all of the positive feedback and love i feel as if i need to strike while the iron is hot.

Okay, i should tell you a little background about myself during that time before i really go into the story because i feel like that would really paint the picture. I was Seventeen and just moved schools and i felt as if i was living in Hell. I was diagnosed with clinical anxiety and hadn’t left the house for 3 whole months. I had my first anxiety attack at my previous school and was hospitalized for it. After that, things just kept going down hill. I was in the hospital once a week, i was afraid of going to bed at night out of fear of dying, and i was too afraid to leave my  house. Eventually i consulted with my parents about changing schools so i can be less stressed. I ended up on medication and started at a private school and i felt pretty content. At least, on the outside i was. On the inside i was dying to know God. I had this bracelet that said i love Jesus and i never took it off. It was everything to me. I would pray constantly to know of God and for peace and comfort. I started searching for religions and churches every where and anywhere. I read a book on Islam, Judaism, Catholicism, and even Buddhism. I was really intrigued by Buddhism and i kind of stayed there for a while until i found out more of the believes. With all respect, it just isn’t my thing and i knew inside it wasn’t right.

Now, for the good stuff.

I was standing outside of my high school waiting for the bus and i felt as if i wanted to talk to my grandma. I honestly, was just in the mood to talk so i called her. I told her i didn’t know what college i should go to and i needed help on making the choice. She simply told me i needed to pray on it. I actually thought that was a really good idea, honestly. As i hung up the phone I remember seeing missionaries on a bike. I remember saying in my head ” you should actually be nice to them and talk with them”. So i did. They started off light asking me how my day was and so on. Then they started to say things that hit me. “God’s church shouldn’t be confusing” *pierced through the soul* ” You should be able to pray about it and get an answer through prayer “*pierced through the soul*. At the time i just thought they were good at what they did, but it wasn’t them. It was the Spirit of the Lord that impressed me. I told the missionaries i had to leave because my bus was coming and they asked if they could come by and talk to me. I told them sure and i gave them my address.

the follow up.

I remember the missionaries coming over at the most oddest times. Always when i was asleep or watching an awesome Lifetime movie. I started to take the lessons and a girl name Bethany started to come with them. She seemed pretty nice, but really quiet. I had a whole mess of questions and we would spend long periods of time hashing through the questions i had and they would answer them according my spiritual maturity.

The invitation of baptism

I remember exactly who asked me where i was sitting. Elder Anderson asked me if i wanted to be baptized. In my head i thought ” well, it would be good to start fresh and i could be good from here on out”. I said yes, but then eventually i told them no.

My invitation of Baptism

I remember i stop going to church and i didn’t plan on going back at all. Then out of no where i had this soften heart and i called up Bethany and told her i wanted to go back. I felt as if i needed  the church in my life. That Sunday they started passing out Visiting Teaching slips and i was super interested in what that was. I really wanted to do it. I asked Bethany what that was asked her if i could do it. She told me i had to be a member to go out and visit teach. So i decided. I was going to get baptized. I remember meeting with Elder whiting and his companion and asking them if i could get baptized. They told me i could and that i needed to start making changes in my life.

June 30, 2012 i got baptized and started to follow my Savior.

I have never been so grateful for a choice in my life. I feel as if i owe my Heavenly Father so much. He gave me life and cared for me so much that he allowed me to have it become eternal. I know that one day i’ll get to thank him face to face and i will live with him. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ is THE church. It’s his church. I am grateful for the little brave boy Joesph Smith and all the trails he went through. Jesus Christ lives. His death grants me the cleanse and his resurrection gives me immortality.

The Book of Mormon brings happiness



Okay, this is officially my first post and i couldn’t be more excited! I started this blog very randomly and i am so stoked to see where this is going to go! 

First, i feel like a owe who ever is reading this a little background on me. I’m a Nineteen year old young lady and i’m Mormon. I joined the church when i was Seventeen and i have never looked back. I have been through so much with the church and i couldn’t be more proud of making such a huge decision at a young age. The Church of Jesus Christ changes lives and i truly have never doubted that. I am currently working and a active member who is preparing to serve a mission. I live with some church family, but i will gladly explain that later. 

Second, I am dedicating this whole blog to my conversion story. I will be sharing stories that have already happened and some events that are going on currently in my life and how they pertain the gospel. 

I hope through blog that people can realize that anyone can be themselves and be a member of the church. We all make mistakes, and that’s one of the purpose of this life. We live and learn, everyday. I want to inspire, give hope, and shed some light on the church to those who aren’t members and have questions. 

My name is Kenny and i’m so excited to take this journey with you.